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Puppy Preschool

So... you have a new addition to your family and need some help?

Puppy preschool has been developed to help new and old puppy owners learn new skills to ensure their pup grows into a well adjusted valuable member of your family.

We cover issues such as difficulty with toilet training and helpful tips and hints for surviving the first few months with your new pup.
Please check out our brochure for some important information to help get you thinking.

Our contact details are below and on the back of the brochure if we can help with any advice, information or registration questions you may have.

Our classes are held on Thursday from 6-7pm at the clinic in Orewa. Please call Chenay or Liv on 09 426 5407 for booking information.

If your puppy is 6-16 weeks old then phone today!

Pups from 2014

Pups from 2013

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